Since 2001

A story of fabric

Our story in the textile industry begins over 30 years ago, when Antonietta and Saverio started working as associates in the first family company. In 2001, the good results brought us to start a new story, the textile manufacturing company Manifatture Tessili Ascolese.

Our factory is based in the large textile district by the Vesuvius, a flourishing industrial area that has allowed us to improve our production process. Our added values are a strong production and managing vision and a tight-knit team.

At the heart of production

Where fabrics take shape

Our factory is composed of two buildings. The first one is our headquarter, with offices, our products depot and the showroom, while the second one houses our raw materials warehouse and the production department. Just outside of the factory, there is a small green area.

What we give to our clients not only is quality, but a variety of assistance services, a largely diversified range of products and an up-to-date work team.

We choose materials for their softness

We love working with soft and versatile fabrics, easy to shape with our creative ideas and easy to customise.

We both use natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, macramé and synthetic fabrics such as viscose, nylon and polyester.

All raw materials come from Italian supply areas (69%), while the remaining 31% comes from Turkey, Pakistan, India, all well known for the quality of their textiles.

Made by people helped by technology

The raw textile product is solely manufactured in our factory in Poggiomarino, near Naples.
The first step is cutting, then quilting and laminating, made by joining cotton or satin, soft hypoallergenic polyester microfibre and a last layer of finely refined and embroidered fabric.

Embroideries are executed by machineries reproducing designs and decorations with the help of specific softwares, and are made with wool, cotton and natural or synthetic thread.

During the packaging we make sure all products are packed with no creases or crumples, to add extra value to our products.

Exclusive production for GianMarco Venturi

We are exclusive manufacturers of linens for the Italian brand GianMarco Venturi, a variety of creations made to embellish every home with made in Italy quality, style and detail.

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The variety of our style

Our quilts, pyjamas, lining materials and linens are the result of research and product innovation, to always meet the needs of our clients.

Contact us

Via Raffaele Vastola, 7 80040 Poggiomarino (NA)

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